Nolan Building

Built in 1908 of brick from the Denver Shale & Brick Company (north of Arvada) this structure was a major commercial building housing mainly Arvada's longest operating business, Arvada Pharmacy. The business was known as Rexall and owned by H.A. Ullery from 1908 to 1916, F.A. Mahannah Drugs from 1916 to 1933. In 1934 Herman A. Albers opened the Arvada Mortuary from this space. This was Arvada's first mortuary since the death of H.S. Burton in 1925. Although the location of the mortuary changed soon, he continued to serve in Arvada for nearly 30 years. George Wendt became the pharmacist at the Miles Drug Store located here in 1935 and renamed it Arvada Pharmacy in 1936, it became known as "Georges" and remained so for 30 years. His classic soda fountain became a popular hangout for teens. In January 1969, the Arvada Pharmacy went out of business when Don and "Cotton" Shelley, owners of the Shell Drug Store located at 5738 Wadsworth, purchased the store from Tom Engel, and closed it. At the time of the sale, the Arvada Pharmacy was believed to be one of the oldest drug stores in the state. In 1948 the Odd Fellows added the $18,000 remodel and addition. 7503 housed the Arvada Post office from 1908-1925 and the Telephone Company was housed on the second floor from 1912-1920. In 1913 there were 450 telephone subscribers. 19th Century Commercial style with moderate alterations.