Tabernacle Church

The Way The Truth And The Life Fellowship Tabernacle

This is probably the second oldest Church building in Arvada, the oldest being Jaycee Hall, originally built by the Seventh Day Adventists in 1902.

The Arvada Presbyterian Church was organized by Reverend Gauss, who had established a Sunday School in the town in 1903. Reverend O.S. Baum of Highland Park Presbyterian Church was chairman of the committee, and Reverend M. A. Stone, a Sunday School missionary. The original congregation in 1904 consisted of 14 members. Reverend Gauss remained as pastor until March 1906.

First services were held in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. In 1913, a building committee for a new church was organized. Two lots were purchased at the corner of West 57th Avenue and Yukon Street. Members excavated the foundation, and the cornerstone was laid on 30 October 1915. This building was dedicated in June 1916.

The walls were composed of creamy tan vitrified brick and laid in a buttered brick technique. As historian Lois Lindstrom noted, “there was little ornamentation to distract a worshipper from religious contemplation.”

J. H. Nicholson was the brick contractor and W.P. Greene was the carpenter. H.S. Burton, local undertaker and cabinet maker, built a handsome pulpit for the church. In 1952 an educational wing to the south was dedicated. Chester Hoskinson, well-known housing developer in Arvada. contributed one of his construction crews to build the foundation, framing, and roof of the wing. The Elks Club purchased the building in 1966.

The current owner, Apostolic Missions Inc., acquired the building in 1984 from Albert and Patricia Ursetta.