The Arvada School

5650 Wadsworth Blvd - This land was deeded to School District No. 2 in 1876 by Benjamin Wadsworth when the First Arvada School, a frame one-room schoolhouse was built. It had a seating capacity of about 50. It was replaced by this brick school house, which seated 125 in 1882, and was used as a school until 1920 when A.L. Davis then bought it for $5,000 and enveloped it in an expansion of his building. A movie theater opened here on January 25, 1921 and operated off and on as a theater up until the mid 1950s. This building, which was no longer recognizable as a school, underwent an extensive restoration in 2001 as a part of the Arvada Urban Renewal Project.



5650 Wadsworth Blvd. ~ Private Property - Now Part of The Schoolhouse Restaurant.